Slow Train

Slow Train started as the band early daze in 1996 by brothers daniel (drums) and marco (bass/organ) and singer stefan paparo. the band was a 70’s cover band with bands like led zeppelin, black sabbath and deep purple as their main influences. many guitarists came and went but the trio remained, and slowly left covers behind and started writing their own material with a 70’s style, blues riffs and strong melodies.
early daze changed their name to slow train and together with the new guitarist robert alsterlind. after a gig at sweden rock festival the band was signed by sweden rock records. robert shortly after quit the band and was replaced by stockholm guitarist andy andersson with whom the band recorded the full length album ”song of the day”, which was released in 2003.
After taking a long break, slow train resurfaced in 2015 with original member daniel and was joined by joakim gustafsson and jonas svensson. They were joined by singer rudolph-hugo rossouw but he left the band after a year. Slow Train is now looking for a new singer and  will soon be a complete band with the intention of making the 70’s live on through rock ’n roll.


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We´re now rehearsing for gigs and finishing up the writing for our next album




Upcoming gigs:



Past gigs:

Back Stage, Varberg – 22th April

P&M Grand Gislaved – 25th March

Sticky Fingers Gothenburg – 16th March

Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg – 3 February






Slow Train ”Song of the day” album link: